Do you know the importance of FOD for a wireless charger?

2018-01-26 21:15:03

FOD, a.k.a Foreign-Object Detection, mainly refer to metal, is a vital test content of Qi certification, and also WPC will tighten FOD test standard in 2018 for sure. As a sincerely friend, for your safe use, we TWNTech have an obligation to let you know the importance of FOD for a wireless charger. 
Metal is commonly used in smart phones or smart phone cases. However, conductivity of that weakens the efficiency of wireless charging. If the wireless charger cannot detect metal during the transmission, it may cause fire accident due to overheated device.
Not only metal, but also magnetic brackets, magnetic protective covers, credit cards, security signs, passports and smart keys, all sorts of items that contain magnetic strips or RFID chips can affect functionality.
Particularly, most users, who use phone case with card holder, don't realize the necessity to remove cards before wireless charging. At the same time, if their wireless charger is with no FOD protection, “accidents happen.” 
The reason that TWNTech choose Newedge NE8101 is not only because of its high conversion rate and cost performance, but also because of its high through rate in FOD testing.

Nok9 has been introduced in Newedge's headquarter in Shanghai to verity the FOD through rate. Nok9 can speed up testing time to detect the FOD of a product, in the meanwhile, it will present amendments for it. Therefore, it can shorten testing time of Qi certification, and get new products into the market at first time.

And this detector, in addition to Newedge, among all the wireless charging chip makers in the world, only IDT, in the United States, has. 

Till January 2018, both Xiaomi and Huawei have claimed that their newest smart phones will support wireless charging. While smart phone’s function becomes better and approaching perfection day by day, technical development space becomes more and more narrow. There is an urgent need to inject a new dose of newborn blood in this industry. Apple's driving power makes smart phone manufacturers are flocking to wireless charging. At present, wireless charging is only at the initial stage. With the development of wireless charging towards high power and high conversion rate, consumers' lifestyles will also change under the guidance of smart phone manufacturers.

In the future, smart phone will be in the development of completely wireless, Apple cancels 3.5mm audio interface is a clear signal. However, at present, three cables are needed in a daily life: Micro USB, lightning and USB 3.1 Type C, especially for those who use more one smart phone. As more and more electronic products support wireless charging, inconveniences cause by cables can be easily solved. 

No matter how many types of cable your phone need, all you need is just one wireless charger: TWNT-WC1002Y.

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